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Woody McDaniel old oil photograph


Company History

Since the early 1900's when Woody McDaniel operated cable tool rigs in Texas & Oklahoma. The McDaniel name has been synonymous in the oil and gas industry with hands-on quality service. It is this dedication to service that drove Guy A. McDaniel, after a 17-year career with Jones & Laughlin supply co in Oklahoma City, to found The McDaniel Company in Dallas, Texas in 1966.

A past president of the Dallas Petroleum Club and an active contributor to many oil & gas industry & civic groups, Guy McDaniel served as president and CEO of the company until son Gary McDaniel succeeded him in that role in 1992, and holds this position today. Nearly 50 years later, with third generation Austin McDaniel active in the day to day operations. The McDaniel Company continues to realize the vision set forth by its founder – providing this ever-changing industry with innovative services, quality work and never ending dedication to customer satisfaction.

Hard work.

business excellence.

customer service.











Born in 1883 in Carbon, Texas, Woody McDaniel (forefront) worked this early day cable tool rig
and followed the oil booms of Texas and Oklahoma.



“Why are we in the business? To save our clients time, money and provide them with the assurance that any job which we perform will be carried out in a reliable, safe and hardworking manner.
 Gary L. McDaniel
Our people and their commitment to hands on customer service are the backbone of the company
and instrumental in our continued success.
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