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“The inventive collaboration of The McDaniel Company's business style and proactive services helped foster a smooth and timely close on our property."
 Dan Hansen, Chevron U.S.A.

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The McDaniel Company is an operator of oil & gas wells across the state of Texas, as recognized by The Railroad Commission of Texas. McDaniel specializes in operating marginal or “stripper” wells where their low overhead and operating costs can be utilized to profitably operate lower-end producing wells. McDaniel targets acquisitions in areas deemed non-core from majors and large independents who look to divest of those properties and recycle capital into higher grossing prospects. Often these properties have a high degree of P&A liability thus making them un-attractive to the broader acquisitions market, but a model fit for McDaniel with their turnkey plugging capabilities.

In addition to acquisitions of producing and non-producing leases, McDaniel participates as a non-operated working interest partner in the drilling and completion of multiple wells every year, primarily targeting conventional oil & gas prospects across Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Kansas. Along with McDaniel’s industry affiliates, the use of 3D seismic, traditional sub-surface mapping, and other geologic and petrophysical tools are used to develop and hi-grade prospects.

McDaniel and it’s close affiliate Special Energy Corporation of Stillwater, Oklahoma have participated in numerous drilling and exploration activities and closed on hundreds of wells throughout their partnership, buying primarily from majors and large independents. With Special and McDaniel each bringing a unique skill set to the evaluation and management of oil & gas producing assets, the relationship has culminated in successful transactions totaling over five hundred million dollars.

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