Gary Mcdaniel

Gary L. McDaniel began his career in the oil & gas business in 1975 with The McDaniel Company. In the early years at the company, Mr. McDaniel was primarily active on the supply side, selling Oil Country tubular goods and production equipment.

After becoming proficient on the supply end, Mr. McDaniel began to expand into other areas of the industry including plugging and abandonment and oil & gas production. Mr. McDaniel remains active in the daily operations of the business which include tubular and equipment supply, plugging and abandonment and management of all matters related to the company’s oil & gas activities.

His career now spans four decades and has seen the volatile nature of the oil & gas industry which has prepared him to effectively operate The McDaniel Company today. Inheriting some of the entrepreneurial talent from his father Guy A. McDaniel, Mr. McDaniel remains flexible to meet the ever changing landscape of the oil & gas industry. Mr. McDaniel is a member of the Dallas Wildcat Committee, as well as the Dallas Petroleum Club where he served as a past board member. In 2013, TIPRO (Texas Independent Producers & Royalty Owners) honored Mr. McDaniel as one of the Best CEO’s in the small company category.